MK Kad Kahwin

MK Kad Kahwin

MK KAD KAHWIN (M) SDN BHD is a Bumiputera company with experiences in printing of wedding invitation card. We provide printing order and composition prior printing via online, and it’s easy to manage with minimal guidance.

MK KAD KAHWIN (M) SDN BHD also provides consultation on printing designs to suit your printing desires at competitive price, reliable quality and speedy collection. Customer service is our first priority. Our objective is to perform your printing orders accurately and efficiently on daily basis.

We are proudly to say that MK KAD KAHWIN is using high quality equipments to meet your printing needs, with our talented team to supervise closely on our printing products. We also pleased to say that we have a wide customer base throughout the whole country.

MK KAD KAHWIN (M) SDN BHD is leading by a well-built management team and has a good reputation on quality, durability and reliability. We are dedicated to provide a one stop printing service, including of wholesale, printing, and delivery for wedding card at lowest price with good quality.

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MK Kad Kahwin

012 397 1900
06 336 1855


No 42-1, Jalan Inang 4, Paya Rumput Utama, 76450,
Melaka Tengah, Melaka

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